Have a query about our Circuit? Check out the FAQ's below and if we still haven't answered your question and you want to know more about a track day/Playday try here  https://www.playdayontrack.co.nz/faqs.html Still need more information please contact mailto:admin@pukekohemotorsport.co.nz

Q: Are dogs allowed at Pukekohe Park?
A: No dogs are allowed on the tracks or inside the venue.  

Q: Can I bring my car to the track and what does it cost?
A: Anyone with a road legal car and valid drivers’ license can come down to the track and participate in our Playday.  Likewise, if you are into motor sport and have your own racing car, as long as it has a MSNZ Log book, you can come down and test it on Playdays. Playdays provide an opportunity for you to test the car and your driving skills. Check out the Upcoming Events for the next Playday.
Q: Am I able to hire out the motor racing circuit for my own event?
A: Yes you can hire the track for any type of event. To find out more, get in touch mailto:admin@pukekohemotorsport.co.nz.
Q: What safety requirements are necessary to drive my car on the circuit?
A:  To participate in an Playday you must have a road legal car that is capable of safely participating in a track day. You will also need a current drivers’ license as a form of photo ID. 


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