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National Advanced Driving School

09/08/2022 08:30am to 4:00pm


Defensive driving courses are an excellent way to assist drivers to obtain the practical driving skills that will help keep them stay safe on our roads.

National Advanced Drivers School offers a selection of driver training courses conducted by experienced driver training experts at Pukekohe Park.

  1. Drive to Survive, L1
  2. Drive Forever, L2
  3. Team Defensive Driving, L3

These practical driver training courses are structured to help your company’s drivers:

  • Gain an insight into their driving behaviours and recognise habits and practices that may be risky.
  • Understand and avoid potential driving hazards.
  • Improve safe driving practices by reducing risk-taking behaviours.
  • Increase defensive and protective driving skills.
  • Ensure competence in basic vehicle control.

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